Spot UV Gloss Effect on a Digital Print! (Clear Coat Varnish printing)

By bbaker, 2016-08-02


Spot UV Gloss Effect on a Digital Print! by Evan Perry

To achieve Spot UV Gloss Effects on our new Xerox 800 is easy, just follow these 6 steps if you are working in InDesign.

AlphaGraphics West Valley will even do it for you or walk you though it if need be!

  1. Create a layer above all others, call it clear.
  2. Create a spot color, name it exactly: Clear.
  3. The color can be anything, to make it obvious, use 100% magenta (has to be designated as spot!).
  4. The objects that are to beclear spots need to be 100% of Clear (the spot color) and on the Clear layer, above all else.
  5. The objects need to have their attributes assigned to Overprint, for either the fill or stroke, depending on the art.
  6. Export your document to a PDF and include the Acrobat layers, with no color conversion, no spot conversion, and include all tags, rgb and cmyk.

Adobe Creative Suite Job Options Preset for Xerox 800 with Clear ink

Here is a Job Options file to help in creating pdfs from Creative Suite.
Just download, unzip and add it to your pdf presets. See how tohere and here.

For more explanation and ideas, checkout this link by Xerox

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